Do you recognize these symptoms?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from modern leadership challenges. We are here to help!

Are you struggling with putting your business strategy into practice?

Wish to remove obstacles that stand in the way of your employees reaching their full potential?

Would you like to find new ways to promote self-organization and employee engagement?

Servant leadership is effective leadership

Modern leadership is undergoing a climate change. The worn-down top-down leadership models are failing to produce desired results and becoming outdated. To improve your organization’s productivity and competitiveness, you need to start focusing on the individual needs of your employees.

The main objective of servant leadership is the same throughout all organizations: removing obstacles that stand in the way of employees reaching their full potential. A productive way to do this is to match supply with demand in your HR work and to support self-organization, resulting in engaged, motivated employees. Enabling leadership models are beneficial for both your employer image and your organization’s performance. After all, customer experience is founded on employee experience.

Vincit LaaS helps you put the principles of servant leadership into use in your organization – gradually, transparently, and through agile experimentation.

Modern leadership promotes self-organization

Vincit LaaS acts as a personal coach that encourages self-organization in your employees by offering them concrete tools for self-reflection, goal setting, and competence development. The web service is easy and intuitive to use. It gathers all the existing sources of information and support in your organization under one roof, making the available resources visible and easily accessible to the whole personnel.

At the same time, the web service automatically collects user data and feedback, that can be utilized in managerial planning decision-making. Instead of calculating medians from the anonymous responses to biannual employee satisfaction surveys, you could offer personalized support for your employees on daily basis.

Focus on what’s essential, cut down on waste production, and use your resources effectively. Vincit LaaS allows you to put a stop to guessing games and to match supply with demand.”

One tool – many shapes and sizes

Vincit LaaS is a ready-made platform for servant leadership – you choose how it could best serve you!”

Vincit LaaS is a handy tool for management, HR, and employees. With the help of Vincit LaaS, you’re able to carry out both small and large-scale changes in your organization – from improving the quality of performance appraisals to full-scale reforms in leadership.

Vincit LaaS is constantly developing. It can be tailored to meet your needs and to best fit into the existing structures of your organization. Replace your broken telephones with one clever tool.

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